Karthick Iyer is a musician, an accomplished violinist who is taking Indian music to global audiences.

Boundless by Karthick Iyer Live


how did the song evolve?

As soon as we played this song in the jam room, we knew we had landed on something extremely powerful, and very different from our usual sound at that. IndoSoul is a journey of discover for us and it was amazing to see how the raga Shanmugapriya transformed magically with powerful guitar riff. Along with the tribal drums and bass grooves, the song gets a distinctive metal feeling!


Performed by
Karthick Iyer (Violin & vocals)

Vikram Vivekanand (Guitars)

Sumesh Narayanan (Mridangam, Konnakol, Percussion)

Naveen Napier (Bass)

Ramkumar Kanakarajan (Drums)

Mixed by Bob Phukan (Aura studio)
Video by Shivaram (Shutter 24
Edited by Madhanagopal

Costume - Swathy (Bhaang store)
Sound - DJ bala (Soundgear)
Lights - Timmy Vanderputt (Audio Sciences)

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