Karthick Iyer is a musician, an accomplished violinist who is taking Indian music to global audiences.

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IndoSoul - Looking Within To Look Beyond | Launch of 1st Music Album


Chennai-based Karthick Iyer, composer, violinist and singer, and at the helm of the 

music band, Karthick Iyer Live, has pioneered the album, and genre, IndoSoul. 

IndoSoul is deep, soulful, and has its roots in Indian music, but attempts to 

transcend cultural and national boundaries and horizons, and has been specifically 

composed and designed to suit the taste of the modern-day, multi-cultural, global 


 To literally explain the genre, as the name suggests, Soul depicts deep, and Indo 

represents a relation to Indian civilisation and the country’s traditional music. 

IndoSoul is open-minded in a sense that it absorbs and is influenced by different 

cultures, geographies, and genres from across the world. The brand has gone that 

extra mile to ensure that the sound/album is not mistaken for fusion music, as the 

sound has been definitively defined and targeted. 

IndoSoul has been developed by Karthick Iyer Live comprising a group of musicians, 

experts in their own space, who work together to create new sounds, and more 

importantly, to learn from each other. IndoSoul is fresh, accessible, and is a sound 

that will satiate listeners who are rooted in their culture, and are yet seeking a slice of 

newness, and innovation.

Launch of 1st Music Album - "IndoSoul - Looking Within To Look Beyond"

Event Details: 13 June 2015 at Museum Theatre, Egmore


Karthick Iyer Launching IndoSoul 1st Music Album

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