Karthick Iyer is a musician, an accomplished violinist who is taking Indian music to global audiences.

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Boundless : ‘Korappu’ is a compositional format in carnatic music where two musicians exchange questions and answers through their instruments. ‘Boundless’ grew out of this structure, it is a juxtaposition of Raga Shanmugapriya on the violin with heavy metal riffs on the guitar, against the backdrop of tribal rhythms. On its own, Shanmugapriya is a calm raga. But in this unlikely set up, it takes on a dark, powerful, gritty voice that rises above the individual elements. In the end, ‘Boundless’ will leave you on a high - energetic and powerful. 


A Clown's Junket : The band’s first ever composition, ‘A Clown’s Junket’ represents Karthick Iyer’s first few steps as he transitioned from a being a freelance violinist to the front-man of his solo outfit. It is set in Raga Sankarabharanam (the Western major scale), one of the most fundamental scales from which many ragas have evolved. It represents the beginning of the musician’s journey, as he balances his feet, while ensuring the audience stays entertained. The chorus signifies joy that comes from reaching small goals the band set for themselves. 

Mid-Air : The electric violin, playing a pop melody in Raga Harikambodi, takes centre stage in this song. It is backed by a classic rock arrangement reminiscent of the sounds of the 70s and 80s. Alternating rock and raga solos led by the guitar and violin bring out the band’s diversity. The culmination of these solos is the high point in this track as the tradeoff between violin and guitar gains pace. Accelerated further by bass, drums and mridangam phrases, they progress towards an energetic end. 


At the Theatres : “Unmayin thanimai penmayin inimai, modhikollalaama?” When a woman enters a man’s life, can peace in his mind co-exist with her sweetness? This bilingual questions the philosophy behind relationships. The song is set in two layers- the outer (english) describes people queuing up to watch a play, and the inner (tamil) chronicles what happens in the play. Eventually, people realize that they’ve mulled over the same questions in their lives as well, leading to a Shakespearean close: All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. 

A Saranga Convergence : A freestyle atmospheric violin leads to a progressive climax, setting the stage for this track. Distinct styles of music come together converging into a refrain in Raga Saranga. A carnatic thillana like melody on the violin, a Lydian scale inspired guitar solo, powerful Konnakol chants (vocal percussion) are bundled together with progressive time signatures. This track showcases the essence of IndoSoul, where a single theme is explored through a number of genres, sounds and instruments, each bringing in its distinct voice, but harmoniously connecting as a whole. 


Rejoicing in Raghuvamsa : As a grand finale to this album, IndoSoul, Karthick Iyer Live presents ‘Rejoicing in Raghuvamsa’, ending it where it all started. Composed by Patnam Subramania Iyer, Raghuvamsa Sudha is one of the happiest carnatic songs. This is a classic violin piece in Raga Kadhanakudhukalam, and serves as a conclusion in carnatic concerts. This high energy piece is as much fun to perform for the musicians in the band, as it is for the listeners in the audience. 

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